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Downtown Brentwood Gateway

The City of Brentwood desired a signature structure for the entrance to downtown as part of their streetscape improvement project. SDG Architects designed a gateway that would span the entrance and pay homage to iconic Diablo Mountain, which is clearly visible from several vantage points in the city. Valley Iron Works consulted with SDG to come up with a plan to cut the silhouette of Mt. Diablo and adjacent foothills from several sheets of 1/4 in plate steel. The sheets were fabricated with spacers between them to give depth to the sculpture mounted to a wide flange beam and coated with a multi-pass paint system to provide the requested shading. Valley Iron mounted the stainless lettering and erected the structure on two steel columns providing the City with the unique entrance they requested

Urban School Of San Francisco

Valley Iron Works fabricated the structural steel package for Urban School of San Francisco. The structural steel included the fabrication of plate girders 40" tall, 80 feet long with webs 1 1/4" thick and flanges 1 3/4" thick. The plate girders were shipped in 40' sections and Valley Iron welded them together at the site and erected them. The building consisted of two stories framed of concrete and two stories of structural steel. The heavy steel girders allowed the gym to be clear span from the 2nd floor to the roof, and finished roof provided a play area for the school. Valley fabricated the tube supports and purlins to hold a steel deck roof. Valley Iron Works also fabricated and installed 4 towers of staircases reaching from the ground floor to the roof.

Mercedes-Benz Stockton

Mercedes-Benz of Stockton consists of the showroom, carwash and repair bay. The showroom and repair bay are steel framed buildings of steel columns and beams with steel joist and deck on the roof. Each has steel stairs and hand rails. The carwash is a block building with steel supports for equipment and steel joist and deck. Valley Iron Works detailed, fabricated and erected all of the steel for the project.